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Facial Plastic Surgery in Brooklyn

Artistic inclinations and extensive training mean Dr. Hardik Doshi brings a steady hand and an aesthetic eye to every procedure. Specializing in facial plastic surgery in Brooklyn and revealing the natural beauty that’s just waiting to be seen.

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Meet Your Doctor

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hardik Doshi has performed thousands upon thousands of procedures, with years’ of intensive training experience at a variety of the nation’s most prestigious medical institutions. His expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and his knack for facial plastic surgery in Long Island, has made him a rising star in his field.

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In addition to having trained at some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions, Dr. Doshi has also been made the recipient of numerous distinguished awards. He’s been named an expert advisor to everyone from the Physicians’ Advisory Council to the Gerson Lehrman Group, and has been recognized by numerous publications as a top practitioner in his field.

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Dr. Doshi’s work and commitment to elegant, naturalistic results have been featured in an impressively wide variety of media outlets. He’s been featured as a plastic surgery medical consultant in Reader’s Digest, in addition to being named a “Rising Star” in the Super Doctors feature of the New York Times.

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Dr. Hardik Doshi


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Facial Rejuvenation

When age begins to take its toll, skin can start to sag, lose its volume, and show troublesome wrinkles.  As a top facial plastic surgeon in Brooklyn, Dr. Doshi offers a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures that can help to restore lost volume, smooth over irritating wrinkles, and generally turn back the hands of time.

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Nasal Reshaping

Your nose should complement your facial features, which is why Dr. Doshi offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical nasal shaping procedures to help you achieve the nose of your dreams. Correct functional issues or simply enjoy a more proportional profile with nasal reshaping procedures by Dr. Doshi.

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With extensive training and experience in facial and neck rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Doshi prides himself in his ability to turn back the clock, creating naturally restorative results that highlight his patients’ existing beauty. Enjoy youthful, glowing skin, and walk through the world with the confidence you’ve always wanted, with neck and facial rejuvenation by Brooklyn's best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Doshi.

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Non-Surgical Face The World

If you’re interested in rejuvenating your face and neck, but would rather not deal with an invasive surgical procedure and the recovery process that comes with it, Dr. Doshi offers a variety of non-surgical procedures in his Brooklyn and Long Island offices.

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Hair Frame Your Face

Hair loss is never an exciting thing, which is why Dr. Doshi is excited to work with you in restoring your appearance to its youthful vitality. With a number of non-surgical and surgical hair loss treatments available, facial plastic surgeon of Brooklyn and Long Island, Dr. Doshi, can turn back the hands of time, allowing you to enjoy a full head of hair once more.

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Our Philosophy

Dr. Doshi brings a patient-centric approach to his work, making sure to sit with each and every individual who comes through his door. Before your procedure, Dr. Doshi will walk you through everything you might need to know, and he’ll follow up with you after it’s over to monitor your aftercare and make sure you’re healing properly. Your ideal results are our highest priority.

Giving Back

We’re here because our community makes it possible for us to be here. Dr. Doshi’s offices wouldn’t exist without you, which is why we focus on giving back to our community in just about every way possible. Reach out to us to learn more about how Dr. Doshi works with his community to give back, every day.

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