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Planning Your Visit
To Dr. Doshi

Not every patient who comes through Dr. Doshi’s doors is native to the area. If you’re interested in visiting Dr. Doshi’s Long Island office for a cosmetic procedure, we’ll be more than happy to help you arrange a stay that will be comfortable and convenient, at every step of the way.

Video Consultations for Your Convenience

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Doshi, his practice, and what procedures might be able to help you realize your personal aesthetic goals, Dr. Doshi offers easy and convenient video consultations for out-of-town potential patients.

You can sit down with Dr. Doshi via virtual connection, learning more about what he offers and how he can help, while he gets the chance to learn exactly what it is you hope to accomplish and offer his advice in terms of how you might be able to most effectively reach your goals.

This allows you to learn everything you might need to know about treatment in Dr. Doshi’s Long Island office, without leaving the comfort of your local area.

A Safe and Discreet Recovery Process

Patients who have come in from out of town for a cosmetic procedure have quite a few options, when it comes to their recovery process. We can set you up with a recovery stay at one of the luxurious recovery retreats in the area, or we can book you a stay at one of the many nearby hotels.

You will want to make sure you’ve arranged for transportation after your procedure, especially if it’s one that involves anesthesia. Depending on the nature and extent of your surgery, you might also want to bring a helper with you, given that some procedures can result in severely limited movement and activity abilities.

Your upcoming cosmetic surgery is a big step, and that goes double for a procedure that’s set to take place in an area different from your local one. Dr. Doshi’s Long Island office is proud to offer cosmetic surgery to a number of patients from out of town, and would be honored to help you arrange your visit today.

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