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Revitalize Your Look, Naturally

Frustration abounds when you notice that your face has lost that youthful glow you used to love. Facial volume and smooth skin can disappear on us due to anything from genes to sun damage...but you don’t always have to turn to a full facelift in order to walk back some of the effects that time can take on the face.

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Dr. Doshi offers a facial fat transfer procedure in Long Island that can simply and naturally restore your face’s natural volume and elegant contours, through a transfer process that simply relocates fat from another part of your body.

After removing excess fat from a predetermined part of the body and purifying it, Dr. Doshi is able to transfer this fat to areas of the face that have lost volume, gained wrinkles, or otherwise begun to show those frustrating signs of aging.

Is a Facial Fat Transfer Procedure Right for Me?

One of the most attractive aspects of the facial fat transfer procedure Dr. Doshi performs at his Long Island office is the fact that it works well with patients of just about any skin type. There’s no risk of allergic reaction, since the transferred fat comes from your own body, and the recovery time tends to be relatively brief. You’re likely a great candidate for the facial fat transfer if you’ve been frustrated by:

  • A tired or gaunt appearance
  • Nasolabial folds (aka “laugh lines”)
  • “Marionette lines” around the corners of the mouth
  • Fine lines and/or deep wrinkles and creases
  • Lost skin elasticity
  • Lost facial volume
  • Hollowed, sunken cheekbones
  • Bags under the eyes
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More About the Facial Fat Transfer Procedure

The facial fat transfer process is relatively simple: Dr. Doshi uses a liposuction technique to remove fat from a predetermined area (one that usually has excess fat, and which Dr. Doshi will work with you to select before your procedure). Once it’s been removed, this fat will be purified, and then carefully injected into the treatment areas of your face.

This process results in a natural and subtle restoration of your face’s natural curves and contours, elegantly restoring lost volume and subtly smoothing over any wrinkles and creases that might have developed over the years, allowing you to enjoy that fresh-faced, youthful glow you used to love.

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What’s the Recovery Time Like?

Most patients take about two weeks to fully recover from a facial fat transfer procedure performed in Dr. Doshi’s Long Island office. Bruising and swelling are quite normal at first, both of which will subside over the course of two to three weeks.

Dr. Doshi and his team will work with you, providing specific aftercare instructions to assist with the healing process for your liposuction incision sites, and to ensure that scars heal in a way that leaves them minimally visible.

The Dr. Doshi Difference

A highly experienced, double board-certified plastic surgeon in Long Island, Dr. Doshi has performed thousands of surgeries, and has years’ of intensive surgical training with some of the leading authorities in his field. He’s perfected his facial contouring techniques over the years, working closely with his patients to ensure that their results live up to their personal, aesthetic goals.

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If you’ve been troubled by a gaunt, wrinkly appearance on your face, you might be a great candidate for a facial fat transfer procedure with Dr. Doshi, available at his Long Island office. Contact us today to learn more about how you can restore lost volume, smooth over wrinkled skin, and generally enjoy a more fresh-faced appearance.

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