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Preserve Your Identity
With Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be a great way to enjoy the way your nose looks more than you ever have before, but there are those of us who might worry about inadvertently erasing certain ethnic facial characteristics in the process. Dr. Doshi, thankfully enough, performs ethnic rhinoplasty at his Long Island office, working carefully to provide the patient with the desired results, while also taking care to preserve the ethnic facial features that give the patient their personal identity.

If you’ve been dealing with cosmetic and/or functional nasal issues, Dr. Doshi can help you with an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure that allows you to walk the line between aesthetic correction and the preservation of your personal identity. After all, you should never have to compromise who you are, in the pursuit of proper breathing and loving the way you look!

Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty the Right Procedure for Me?

One of the most important aspects of the human face is the nose. Many of us feel as though our noses define who we are, at least on a physical level, which is the ability to be comfortable with the size and shape of your nose tends to be so important. The nose is also an important indicator of ethnicity, meaning that many potential rhinoplasty patients are interested in correcting functional or aesthetic issues, without altering their nose in a way that eliminates definitive characteristics that indicate heritage and ethnic background.

You’re a great candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty if you come from a background with defining, non-Caucasian facial characteristics that you wish to preserve, while also addressing issues like:

  • A large bump on the bridge of your nose
  • A nose that is too wide or too narrow
  • A drooping nose
  • An asymmetrical nose shape
  • Disproportionate nostrils
  • Breathing problems
  • Sinus Issues
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More About the Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

While the majority of rhinoplasty procedures are performed with the aim of correcting cosmetic or functional issues in the nose, the ethnic rhinoplasty (often specifically an African American rhinoplasty or Asian rhinoplasty) is designed to fix these same issues, but in a way that specifically preserves the defining facial characteristics of a given ethnicity.

Dr. Doshi takes extreme care and exercises an extraordinary attention to detail, altering and correcting nasal issues while ensuring that he works to leave your distinct ethnic features in place, for results that look natural and work to enhance your naturally-occurring beauty.

What’s the Recovery Time Like?

Recovery from ethnic rhinoplasty in Dr. Doshi’s Long Island office usually takes about a week or two. You’ll keep your nose in a cast during this time, to make sure it stays stable as you heal. Bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes are completely normal, and we’ll set up follow-up appointments to make sure you’re healing properly.

You’ll want to keep your head elevated for about a week after your surgery, even when you’re asleep, to help minimize your bruising and swelling, and it’ll be important to avoid any strenuous activity for a few weeks, as you heal.

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Correcting cosmetic or functional issues of the nose should never come at the cost of your distinct ethnic identity. Dr. Doshi can perform ethnic rhinoplasty in his Long Island office, sculpting the perfect nose for you while taking extra care to preserve the qualities that define you as an individual.

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